Orahbase Limited is a wholly indigenous company incorporated in Nigeria. It is one of the major distributors of imported foods and beverages and other consumer goods within Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria and nationwide. Although incorporated in 2013, it is part of the McGill Investment Group set up in 1997. The McGill group has interests in FMCG, property, entertainment and general business. Together with the McGill group, Orahbase limited has a combined retail and distribution experience of over 20 years. The company is expanding her distribution network by operating American styled supermarkets in major housing developments in Nigeria.

Orahbase has a 5000sq. feet warehouse located in a central location, in Lagos and a 500 tons cold storage capacity. The company is a major player in the distribution of consumer items to homes, supermarkets and convenience stores across Nigeria.

Orahbase is aggressively committed to increasing its market share within Nigeria and in sub Saharan Africa in the coming years. Our key selling point is our ability to identify fast moving products and our market experience. Our product know-how and market dexterity is our competitive advantage. We always strive to promote our quality brands with our knowledge of the Nigerian market place. Orahbase is proud of its accomplishments to date and is ready to take on new challenges, while expanding and strengthening our business

Our focus is to continually source quality branded goods worldwide at competitive prices in order to satisfy the ever increasing demand for quality goods in Nigeria. We carry a range of both food and non-food products. We specialize in frozen and ambient products with consistent availability, exceptional lead times and maximum product shelf life. Our strong growth is attributed to a competent team, all highly skilled and very experienced. We are proud to boast of excellent customer service, which has helped build long-term relationships with customers and retain their loyalty.

Our staff strength consists of over 40 employees with ample experience in the sales, marketing and distribution business. Our employees undergo periodic training relevant to our business. Orahbase operates across 30 states in Nigeria using sub-distributors in each state. In Lagos State, Nigeria, Orahbase operates a two-tier supply chain (direct supply and sub-distribution) to service its customers.